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Economy Rent a Car Timehri
Chedi Jaggan International Airport
Timehri, Guyana (GEOT01)
Phone Number
(786) 975-2222

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Important Information when Visiting Canada

  • In Guyana, as in many other countries in the region, people drive on the left. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this norm if you aren't used to it.
  • If you plan to drive outside the main cities, keep in mind that some areas may lack road signs, as well as illumination at night. We recommend you avoid driving at night on roads less traveled.
  • In rural areas it is common to find animals, such as cows, horses, and dogs, wandering near the road, or even on the street itself. Reduce the speed and be careful to avoid accidents.
  • The tropical climate in Guyana can cause intense rainfall and flash flooding in some areas. Keep in mind that the roads may become slippery due to the rain. Drive carefully and at a reduced speed when climate conditions are adverse.
  • Some main highways and bridges in Guyana can have tollbooths. Have local cash on hand to pay the toll, as credit cards are not always accepted.
  • The minimum age to rent a car is 25, although you can rent a vehicle between the ages of 21 and 25 for an additional cost of $10.
  • Be sure to rent a vehicle that adapts to your needs. If you plan to explore areas of difficult access, with unpaved roads, or steep slopes we recommend renting an SUV. If you want to have a reduced fuel cost, renting a Sedan would be ideal.
  • When returning the vehicle, the car must have the same amount of fuel as when it was picked up (a full tank).
  • All vehicles require a protection plan (CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)) when renting in Guyana. You can select additional coverage options like Top Cover, theft protection, or protection against tire and windshield damages.
  • Plan your trip and check addresses on a GPS before taking off. Having an approximate idea of where you are headed will make driving much easier.
  • For an additional amount, you can request coverage for roadside assistance in case of any setbacks, wherever you are in the country.
  • Thinking about going to Guyana? We'll give you some facts that you'll want to know about this Caribbean destination:
  • Guyana is the only country in South America that has English as their official language. This is due to its colonial past under British dominance.
  • Approximately 85% of Guyana is covered in jungle and tropical forests, which makes it one of countries with the most protected jungles in the world.
  • In Guyana, you'll find Kaieteur Falls. This impressive waterfall is one of the biggest in the world, approximately five times the height of Niagara Falls.
  • The largest flag in the world: Guyana holds the Guinness World Record for the largest flag in the world. The flag of green, yellow, black, white, and red measures approximately 96 meters long.
  • Guyanese music is varied and reflects the country's ethnical diversity. Genres like Chutney, Calypso, Reggae, Soca, and traditional Amerindian music are popular in the region.
  • The official currency of Guyana is the Guyanese dollar (GYD). The symbol used to represent it is "$". Each Guyanese dollar is divided into 100 cents.
  • Language: The official language is English, but other languages are also spoken such as Guyanese Creole, Hindi, Urdu, among others.