Who we are?

We are a family business established in Costa Rica, where, Alex Muniz and his wife, Geysa Muniz, saw the opportunity to rent trucks to surfers who needed  4-wheel drive vehicles in order to see the country’s beautiful beaches. In 2009, we made the decision of expanding our brand internationally, affiliating strong and independent companies to the Economy family and establishing a presence in over 100 cities around the world.


To create our own path, providing the means needed to empower our customers to travel.


Generate economic and social value by acknowledging the needs of our stakeholders and our environment.


Be Empathetic, Cultivate Discipline, Spark Innovation, Admire Honesty, Generate Results.

Empowering your Freedom

in all parts of the world

Count on us to travel to the destination you want! You can visit us at 111 locations in airports and cities, in more than 38 countries.


What if I need more Information?

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