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Spain Barcelona, Spain

BCNO01 - Alta Ribagorca N20 08820 El Prat del Llobregat.

  Additional Drivers

Additional driver charge,7 € per day, with a minimum of 21 € and a maximum of 91 €, with a maximum of 3 additional drivers.


The minimum age of the Renter or any additional driver must be 18 years old. Drivers age 18-20 may rent only groups B, C, D and E, with an additional cost of 12 € x day, with a Minimum of 36 € and a Maximum of 180 €. From 21 to 25years old, additional cost will be 7 € x day, with a minimum of 21 €, and a maximum of 91 €.The maximum age of the renter 79 years old (included)


No cancellation fee is applied.

  Debit Cards

Payment is accepted by credit card (VISA and MasterCard) and debit card. Payment is not accepted by Diners Club, American Express, Maestro, VPAY, any kind of prepaid card or cheque. The card must be in the name of the person appearing as the main driver in the rental contract. Otherwise, Star Insurance must be contracted with the vehicle. To use a debit card to pay for the rental, Star Insurance must be contracted with the vehicle. Under no circumstances can a deposit be paid in cash.

  Drivers License

Renter must present a valid driver license at the time of rental. Foreign renters must present a valid driver license and a valid passport and based on the date of the entry stamp, will be allowed to rent a vehicle for up to 30 days, present at time of rental.

  Emergency Info

ROAD SIDE ASSISTANCE: (ERA) Is an optional product, this program will have a cost of 7 €/day. With ERA, jump starts and gas service (in case you run out of gas) will be provided at no cost. If customer prefers not to purchase ERA then will be responsible for any *service fees* in the event said customer requires any of the services listed above.


Additional driver 7 € x day, Minimum 21 € maximum 91 €. Young driver from 21 – 24 years old inclusive 7 € x day, with a minimum 21 €, maximum 91 €. Mifi Internet 9 € x day. GPS 6 € x day, Minimum 18 €, maximum 60 €. Baby Seat 7 € x day, Minimum 21 €, maximum 91 €. Booster seat 7 € x day, minimum 21 €, maximum 91 €. Possession of driving license between 1 to 4 years included, 7 € x day, minimum 21 €, maximum 91 €.


Vehicle must be returned with same amount of fuel as rented to avoid a refueling service charge.


Vehicles cannot be taken outside the country Spain (with the exception of France (for cars delivered in Barcelona) and Portugal (For cars delivered in Malaga). For cars delivered at Malaga airport, Additional insurance to driver into Portugal 9 € x day, minimum 27 €, maximum 135 €. For cars delivered at Barcelona airport, Additional insurance to drive into France & Andorra, 15 € x day, mimimum 45 €, maximum 225 €.


Our insurance cover CDW, (Collision Damage Waiver), PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) and TP (Theft Protection. A deposit from 1.200 € till 3.000 Euros will be requested at delivery to cover any damage, customer can purchase our insurance to avoid this deposit, with a cost from 18 € till 25 € per day depending on group of car requested.

  Local Renters

Local renters are those who do not bring proof of return flight


Available from / to Malaga and Barcelona, with an extra cost of 300 €.

  Optional Protection Products

Emergency roadside assistance: all contracts will be automatically enrolled in the emergency roadside assistance (ERA) program at surcharge of only 7/day. Key services (locked in car), jump starts and gas service (in case you run out of gas) will be provided at no cost. If customer prefers not to participate, they must decline participation upon rental and be responsible for any *service fees* in the event said customer requires any of the services listed above.


We accept all major credit and debit cars. Deposit. The amount of the rent plus a minimum of 1.200 € - Maximum 3.000 € will be held in your card at the time of rental, once the vehicle is returned this deposit will be released, this process can take 7 to 14 business days. Customers will have the option to buy an insurance at delivery time with a cost from 18€ to 25€ to avoid this deposit.

  Prepaid Debit Cards

Customers who make a prepaid reservation using a debit card need to be aware that the renting location may require a credit card in the renters name be used for leaving a deposit for the rental in order to rent the car. Customers who do not have a credit card may be denied rental.

  Prepaid Reservations

If you have made a reservation you may pay on arrival however to make a reservation we will need a credit card to guarantee your vehicle. There may be an authorization on your Credit Card statement of USD$1.00 please be advised that a no show fee equivalent to a one day rental plus taxes with a minimum of USD$35.00 will be charged to the Credit Card. If vehicle is not pick up you can avoid this fee by cancelling your reservation through the same website you made it, you cannot call or write to cancel you can cancel only through the website where the reservation was made at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled rental time. Prepaid reservations-if you have a prepaid reservation your Credit Card will be charged in full at the time you made your reservation. The Credit Card that you paid your reservation must be present at the time of pick up. Refund and cancellation policy-a prepaid reservation is a nonrefundable booking. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will not be modified. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund or credit. For customer satisfaction Economy will apply a refund for any of the reasons below-after verification- -flight cancelled and customer could not get to the rental location-natural disaster prevented travel- Illness prevented travel-death in family prevented travel-jury duty prevented travel-Economy was unable to fulfill the customer reservation (example no vehicle available) - Any action due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be advised that there will be a charge of a handling fee for cancelling. If a customer chooses to change the date of their reservation the handling fee will be waived but may be subject to a rate adjustment. For date change please contact 1 877 326 7368. To process a refund or if you have any problems with your reservation please email Must be prior to your pick up.

  Reservation hold time

Vehicles are held for two hours after reserved arrival time. When flight details are provided, we will hold vehicle for up to two hours after flight arrival. In the event of delays, you may call or e-mail us to advise of any changes in your pick up time. After the two hour window, you will be considered a no-show and we may or may not be able to honor your reservation, depending upon availability.


By renting a vehicle from Economy Rent A Car and Economy Rent A Car affiliates, you hereby agree that any and all disputes and controversies arising out of your reservations and your rental of the vehicle shall be resolved solely and exclusively by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association.


Terminal 1: Once you leave Terminal 1, you will see a Coffee place called "Go Natural", walk towards the parking lot G and take the stairs at the end. At this point our courtesy shuttle bus will be waiting for you, which runs every 10/15 minutes. Our minibus will take youdirectlytoNizacars office. Terminal 2A and B: Leave Terminal 2 and, without crossing the road, walk towards to your right, go through the taxi stop and then, you will find the our courtesy minibús area. Terminal 2C: Leave the building and walk to your left until you find a flyover. Go under the flyover and keep walking on the left side until, a few meters later, you find the courtesy minibus area. Shuttle bus service 00 93 7065967


All vehicles include the Mandatory Civil Liability insurance by default in accordance with European Union regulations 2018/0168. The insurance will only be valid in those countries forwhichdrivingauthorisation has beenprovided and for the driver or drivers appearing in the rentalcontract as authorised drivers. This coverage is guaranteed and assumed by the insurer with which NIZA CARS has agreed the corresponding insurance policy, and is subject to the general and particular terms and conditions thereof, as well as the law. By signing the rental contract, the Customer is added to said policy as an insured party. Furthermore, the insurance policy covers damage to the vehicle caused as a result of a collision (except excess) or theft (except excess) provided that the following conditions are met: For collisions, the Customer sends NIZA CARS complete information about the other party involved and possible witnesses within 24 hours of the incident by completing an accident report (Amicable Accident Declaration – DAA) containing the registration details, name and address of the other party, the circumstances of the collision, a sketch of the accident, the name of the insurer and, if possible, the insurance policy number. All this information must be signed by the two drivers involved in the accident; or, if this cannot be done, the Customer sends NIZA CARS the “Accident Report” that will be provided by NIZA CARS. The insurance company does not reject the accident as a result of the vehicle not being driven in the physical and mental conditions required by the Highway Code. The collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism did not occur during unauthorized use of the vehicle, That the Customer has notified NIZA CARS of the collision or theft caused to the vehicle within a period of 24 hours following said collision or theft by providing the pertinent documentation (accident report, official report to the authorities, etc.).