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Economy Rent a Car Los Angeles
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A sprawling metropolis and the second most populous city in the United States, Los Angeles offers a wealth of attractions and opportunities. Famous for its pleasant year-round climate, Los Angeles is affectionately known as the "City of Angels" and stands as a world center for business, international trade and entertainment. 
The city has an impressive cultural and recreational offerings. Los Angeles is home to five professional sports teams, including the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers and Kings, which captivate sports enthusiasts year-round. As the entertainment capital of the world, it leads the way in the creation of television shows, movies, video games and music recordings, setting trends and captivating audiences around the world.
In addition to its vibrant show business, Los Angeles boasts breathtaking beaches that have become iconic symbols of the city's charm. From the pristine shores of Malibu to the vibrant vibe of Venice's Muscle Beach, the coastline offers a delightful escape for locals and visitors alike.
To truly enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer, car rental is highly recommended. With its large size and numerous attractions, having a vehicle provides the freedom and flexibility to explore the sights and sounds of the city at your own pace. Economy Rent a Car is your trusted partner in Los Angeles, offering a wide selection of vehicles to suit all your car rental needs near the airport.
Whether you need a spacious minivan to transport your family to the enchanting world of Disneyland or you prefer the thrill of cruising along the coast in a convertible, Economy Rent a Car has the perfect vehicle for you. We invite you to browse our diverse range of vehicles and choose the one that best suits your preferences and travel plans.
When planning your visit to Los Angeles, be sure to consider Economy Rent a Car for your car rental needs. Our commitment to exceptional service, competitive pricing and well-maintained vehicles ensures a smooth and pleasant experience. Let us enhance your exploration of this vibrant city, where the opportunities for adventure and discovery are limitless.
Book your rental car with Economy Rent A Car and embark on an unforgettable journey through the captivating streets of Los Angeles, where dreams come true and memories are made.

Important Information when Visiting the United States

  • Keep to the the speed limits: 70 mph on highways and 30 mph in built-up zones.
  • You must stop at stop signs, even if the road looks clear.
  • Something to get used to is that you can turn right on a red light if the vehicle has stopped and the exit is clear. The exception is if there’s a sign stating ‘no turn on red’.
  • If you park on the street, park the same way as the traffic flow or you could be fined.
  • Most roundabouts do not require stopping, which allows vehicles to move continuously through intersections at the same low speed. Roundabouts are designed to move all traffic through a counterclockwise direction. Vehicles approaching the roundabout yield to circulating traffic; however, drivers must obey all signs to determine the correct right-of-way in the roundabout.
  • A protection plan is required on all vehicles when renting a vehicle in the U.S.
  • Some states have a mandatory child restraint law for passengers under 16 years of age. Children under 4 must use approved car safety seats.
  • Plan your trip and check out the directions on a GPS before you begin your journey. Having an idea of where you’re going will make driving much easier. Also, it’s is very important to know the places you are going to visit, so it is always good to know the most favorable routes depending on the type of vehicle you rented. This way, you can reach your destination faster with some alternative route.
  • If you hear or see an emergency vehicle or police car with sirens and lights flashing, you must signal and pull over to the side of the road until they have passed. If in traffic, move as far over to the the right side of the road as possible to leave room for the vehicle to go through.
  • At the drop off time, the car must be returned with the same level of gas that you picked it up.
  • A Valid Driver's License - We will need a driver’s license from your home country to drive in the U.S.A. Digital licenses are not accepted. Temporary Driver’s Licenses may be refused and not accepted.
  • Proof of Insurance - If you are planning to self insure, we need a proof of your personal insurance coverage with the renter’s name listed on the policy and showing coverage for collision and liability insurance with property and bodily injury coverage. *** Economy Rent A Car does not accept commercial insurance policies to rent a vehicle.
  • Form of payment - Major credit/debit card under the renter’s name (Restrictions may apply).
  • A credit card or debit card (in the principal driver's name) will be required to put down a deposit for the rental. Deposits vary regarding the protection plan you choose and the vehicle. This deposit is released when you return the car, if the car is in the same conditions it left the office, and it can take several days or up to a week to process.
  • Since you will be going to the United States, here are some places you may want to visit.
  • Orlando — Home to some of the most popular hotels and amusement parks in the United States, all just a short 15-30 minute drive from the airport. With countless shopping opportunities and a diverse selection of cuisines, Orlando offers the perfect destination for both business or pleasure.
  • Fort Lauderdale — Known for its beautiful beaches, lively downtown area, and extensive network of canals. It's a popular tourist destination, offering a range of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and watersports. This city also has a thriving arts and culture scene, with many museums, galleries, and theaters to explore.
  • Las Vegas — Even though it’s located in the middle of the desert, is the perfect destination for adults looking to have a good time with friends or family. From diverse shows to iconic attractions like the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas offers unforgettable adventures that you will cherish forever.
  • New York — Also known as the Big Apple or the City That Never Sleeps, is a remarkable destination with its towering skyscrapers, bustling businesses, and iconic landmarks on full display, making it an unforgettable experience for visitors.
  • Los Angeles (L.A.) — A vibrant city located in Southern California. It's known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and world-famous entertainment industry, including Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
  • Alaska — The largest state in the United States, located in the northwest corner of North America. Renowned for its rugged wilderness, breathtaking natural beauty, and unique wildlife such as grizzly bears, moose, and bald eagles. It's also famous for its northern lights, glaciers, and vast national parks.
  • Make the most of your time in the U.S. by renting a car with Economy Rent a Car and experiencing the freedom it provides.