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United States Norcross, United States

ATLC01 - 6045 Buford Hwy, Norcross, Georgia, 30071.

  Additional Drivers

Additional driver fee is $10.00 per day + taxes. Domestic partners and spouses will be added at no additional charge. Additional drivers must present the same requirements as the renter, including but not limited to, proof of insurance, valid driver's license, and credit card.


The minimum age of rental is 21. Renters between 21 and 24 will be charged an UNDERAGE DRIVER FEE (UAGE) of $25.00 + taxes per day.

  Business Hours

Welcome to Metro Rent A Car DBA EConomy Rent A Car. Location Business Hours M-F: 8-5 Sat:8-12 SUN: Closed


Economy Rent A Car requires a credit card to confirm your reservation. For non-prepaid reservations, Economy Rent A Car requires a credit card to confirm your reservation even though your credit card may not be charged at that time, however cancellations or no-show fees may apply. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before your scheduled pickup time or a no-show fee of $ 35.00 USD may be charged. See prepaid reservations for cancellation policy. Your credit card may not be charged at that time, cancellations or no-show fees may apply.

  Drivers License

Customers who reside in the U.S., U.S. Territories, or Canada must present a valid, unexpired government-issued Driver’s license which includes a photograph of the customer. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period. If the driver licenses are not issued in the United State, They can present their home country driver’s license that is valid, unexpired and includes a photograph, and their passport, visa or other current U.S. issued documentation at the beginning of the rental authorizing the renter or driver to be present in the USA at the time of rental. Economy Rent A Car does not accept Expired Driver's Licenses The only exception to this practice is a renter that is Active Military, with an Active Military ID and a Driver's License issued from a state with a Military Extension. Customers traveling to the United States from another country must present the following: Their home country driver’s license that is valid, unexpired and includes a photograph. If the home country license is in a language other than English and the letters are latin-based (i.e. German, Spanish, etc.) an International Driver’s Permit is recommended, but not required, for translation purposes in addition to the home country license. If the home country license is in a language other than English and the letters are not latin-based (i.e. Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, etc.) an International Driver’s Permit is required. If an International Driver’s permit cannot be obtained in the home country, another professional, type-written translation may be substituted. In either case the home country license must also be presented. Photocopies of Driver’s Licenses are not accepted Learner’s Permits are not accepted. Digital licenses are not accepted. Temporary Driver’s Licenses may be refused and not accepted.

  Early Return

If the vehicle is returned prior to the return date stipulated on the rental agreement the daily T&M rate will increase by the extra day rate per day shown on the rental agreement, not to exceed the initial estimated total at the time of rental barring excess for gas and other incidentals not reflected in the rental agreement.


Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as received by the customer when it was rented to avoid a refueling service charge. The current price for refueling charges are noted on the rental agreement. If you desire to know more please contact our location for the current refueling service charge price.


Cars are not allowed to leave the state of Georgia. If we are informed by the toll authorities or citations, that the vehicle has left the State of Georgia, customers will be charged $1,000.00 USD and $0.50USD per mile plus all tolls.

  Local Renters

All customers with Georgia driver licenses are considered local renters. Local renters are subject to a mileage cap of 200 free miles per day and $0.35USD per mile in excess of the mileage cap. Local renters must have a valid major credit card and have current full coverage insurance that transfers to a rental vehicle with comprehensive collision and Liability with property and bodily injury coverage. Local renters are required to leave a minimum of $500.00 to $1,000.00USD deposit at time of rental depending on your insurance deductible however, if customers purchase our HIF (Handling Insurance Fee) and LOU (Loss of Use) they will be covered for their deductibles up to $1,000.00USD, and Loss of Use of the vehicle, the deposit will be $300USD


Rental rates will be charged at time of the rental. All transactions are conducted in United States Dollars. Economy Rent A Car accepts all major credit cards. Economy Rent A Car accepts debit cards from major banks, restrictions will apply. Customers who use their debit card must purchase our PDW (Partial Damage Waiver) which is $9.95 per day plus taxes. This waiver will cover them up to $1,000.00USD for damages and does not cover GTP or LOU, and will bring the security deposit to $300 USD. Economy Rent Car does not accept Apple Pay, does not accept debit cards for local renters. Economy Rent A Car does not accept cash transactions, gift cards, prepaid cards, or online banking cards. Any changes to the rental agreement by the customer must be made in person at the Economy Rent A Car office.

  Prepaid Reservations

If you have made a reservation you may pay on arrival however to make a reservation we will need a credit card to guarantee your vehicle. There may be an authorization on your Credit Card statement of USD$1.00 please be advised that a no show fee equivalent to a one day rental plus taxes with a minimum of USD$35.00 will be charged to the Credit Card. If vehicle is not pick up you can avoid this fee by cancelling your reservation through the same website you made it, you cannot call or write to cancel you can cancel only through the website where the reservation was made at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled rental time. Prepaid reservations-if you have a prepaid reservation your Credit Card will be charged in full at the time you made your reservation. The Credit Card that you paid your reservation must be present at the time of pick up. Refund and cancellation policy-a prepaid reservation is a nonrefundable booking. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will not be modified. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund or credit. For customer satisfaction Economy will apply a refund for any of the reasons below-after verification- -flight cancelled and customer could not get to the rental location-natural disaster prevented travel- Illness prevented travel-death in family prevented travel-jury duty prevented travel-Economy was unable to fulfill the customer reservation (example no vehicle available) - Any action due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be advised that there will be a charge of a handling fee for cancelling. If a customer chooses to change the date of their reservation the handling fee will be waived but may be subject to a rate adjustment. For date change please contact 1 877 326 7368. To process a refund or if you have any problems with your reservation please email Must be prior to your pick up.

  Reservation hold time

It is our policy to HOLD Pre-Paid reservations for the entire day of arrival, non-pre-paid reservations will be held up to 3 hours after the scheduled reservation time provided. If you experience delays, please contact the rental office at 770-449-6663 so that our staff can make their best effort to hold your reservation.


Thank you for choosing Economy Rent a Car represented by our affiliate company Metro Rent a Car in Norcross, Georgia. This is a CITY location. There is no shuttle service to/from the airport. Our location is approximately 25 miles north of Atlanta Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport and is located at: 6045 Buford Highway, Norcross, GA 30071 Please contact us if you have any questions at 770-449-6663.


Please note that it is strictly prohibited to smoke in the rental vehicle. A penalty fee of $250.00USD will be charged for an odor removal service if you smoke in the vehicle or if the vehicle is returned with an odor due to smoking.


Collision Damage waiver (CDW) / LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW) – CDW or LDW is offered at the time of rental for an additional daily charge. The purchase of CDW or LDW is optional and not required to rent a car if the customer can produce proof of coverage at the time of pickup. If the renter elects to purchase CDW or LDW Economy Rent A Car waives or reduces the renter's responsibility for loss of, or damage to, the rental vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and applicable laws. (including but not limited to towing, storage, loss of use, administrative fees and/or diminishment of value) subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and applicable laws. CDW or LDW is not insurance. CDW or LDW will not cover in case of direct acts of God, including but not limited to flood, hurricane or lightning. The purchase of CDW or LDW is optional and not required to rent a car if the renter can produce proof acceptable coverage. The protection provided by CDW or LDW may duplicate the renter's existing coverage. Please be advised that our agents are not qualified to evaluate the insurance coverage. The renter is responsible to verify his/her credit card coverage, automobile insurance policy or other sources of coverage that are provided to cover CDW or LDW, and whether benefits are transferable at the time of rental. All waivers will be voided if the terms of the rental agreement are violated. Please be advised that Economy Rent A Car in its discretion reserves the right to accept or refuse insurance coverage. Contact our office to get more information. Economy Rent A Car does not accept commercial insurance policies to rent a vehicle.

  Roadside Assistance

Economy Rent a Car recommends customers purchase ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (RSA), however please review if you have other coverages or protection for such services. ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROTECTION IS NOT INSURANCE. THE PURCHASE OF ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROTECTION IS OPTIONAL AND NOT REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RENT A VEHICLE. Economy Rent a Car will provide any renter who has purchased the optional Roadside Assistance Protection coverage with 24/7 breakdown assistance without any additional charge. It protects the renter from high service costs for the following incidents: 1) Key lockout service: If a renter experiences locking of the keys or key fob inside the vehicle during their rental period, Economy Rent a Car will cover the cost of a lockout service. Our Roadside will come to assist you and open the vehicle. 2) Flat tire service: If a renter experiences a flat tire during the rental period, Economy Rent a Car will cover the cost of assisting to replace the tire either by a 3rd party service provider. Damages caused to the tire will not be covered without the purchase of GTP (Glass and Tire Protection) 3) Dead Battery: If a renter experiences a situation during their rental period, Economy Rent a Car will cover the cost of jumpstart service, a 3rd party service provider, cost of delivering a new vehicle or towing of the vehicle to the nearest Economy Rent a Car location or providing with a new battery. 4) Breakdown caused by empty fuel tank: If a renter experiences a breakdown due to running out of fuel, Economy Rent a Car will cover the costs for breakdown assistance and fuel required to continue your trip. GPS: To allow Economy Rent A Car to locate your rental vehicle in case of emergency, accident, etc. some of our vehicles have tracking devices. Your location information will be confined to the company service, and will never impermissibly make your location or movements public. As part of our service, the location of your vehicle may be released to insurance companies, police, or similar parties in the course of an investigation and or accident claim and to provide assistance in an emergency. When deciding whether to purchase Roadside Assistance Protection, it is recommended renters check whether they have this coverage available through your personal auto insurance carrier or through a 3rd party carrier. All services may only be ordered by a direct claim with Economy Rent a Car 24-hour Roadside Protection. Economy Rent a Car will determine the type and extent of service required to ensure the renter stays mobile. If any damage to the rental vehicle occurs which is not covered by Economy Rent a Car within the scope of the Roadside Assistance Protection, the renter is liable for such damage. Roadside Assistance $4.95USD plus taxes per day.

  Coverage Exclusions

If you drive under the influence of alcohol or under the effect of drugs, or use the rental vehicle in any other negligent or reckless way, or violate the conditions set out in the Rental Agreement, all applicable insurance covers, waiver, etc, will be deemed null and void and you will be fully responsible for all damage to the vehicle, as well as loss of use, damages to other vehicles and or injury to persons and any other related costs. Only authorized drivers registered on the Rental Agreement are allowed to drive the rental vehicle. Damages caused by unauthorized drivers are not covered. If an improper type of fuel is put in the vehicle, renter will be responsible for all repairs barring insurance. CDW or LDW will not cover in case of direct or indirect acts of God, including but not limited to flood, hurricane or lightning. Renter will have to cover all repair costs related to improper fuel usage.

  Keys and Fobs

You are responsible if the keys and fobs are lost or damaged and will be required to pay a penalty fee of up to $600.00USD (Depending on the type of vehicle). Please keep in mind that if you do not return the keys, and a copy of the police report to the company when the car is reported stolen, your insurance is deemed voided, and you may be held responsible for the full value of the vehicle.

  Drop Off in Different Location

If the vehicle is dropped off at another location other than the renting location there will be a drop off charge of up to $1,000.00USD & 50 cents per mile.

  Rental Extensions

If your vehicle is kept longer than the return date shown on the rental agreement, the rate will increase by the extra day rate on the rental agreement, plus any extra products purchased, and sales tax. To extend the rental agreement, customers must contact the location. The increased rate will be charged for each day after the expected return date, until the vehicle is returned.

  Glass and Tire Protection (GTP)

Glass and Tire Protection (GTP) is not insurance, it is an optional waiver to provide the renter or any authorized driver, to be covered for the damages to tires and glasses (including the windshield). GTP $4.95 + taxes per day.

  Cleaning Fee

If the vehicle requires more than the standard cleaning on its return to restore it to its pre-rental condition, a cleaning fee will apply.