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Colima, Mexico

  •   Additional Drivers

    ADDITIONAL DRIVER- Have an extra cost of 4.32 USD per day plus taxes

  •   After Hours

    AFTER HOURS-The customer have 30 min to return the car, after that every late hour have a cost of 15 USD, if the customer return the car 3 hours late or more the charge is an extra day plus taxes and insurances This applies to all locations.

  •   Age

    The minimum age is 21 years of age. There is no limit for maximum age.

  •   Cancellation

    If your reservation was confirmed through another provider like (online travel agency or another website) please do your cancellation directly whit them.

  •   CDW

    C.D.W - Collision Damage Waiver * - this coverage reduces the title holder¿s responsibility for payment, in case of partial or total loss of the rented vehicle to a stipulated deductible according to the rented vehicle. Deductible varies by vehicle. If your credit card already includes the coverage against damage and theft to the vehicle, it is necessary to leave a guarantee for the total value of the vehicle, as well as to present a letter issued by your bank in where it specifies that the cardholder has the requested amount available and indicates that you have the CDW/TP coverage. The letter that the customer presented must be a valid letter and with a verifiable telephone number and email address for confirmation of cardholder and the specifications of the coverage include in his/her credit card. This letter will have to be supported by the Comision Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas, the institution above mentioned it regulates all the Insurance companies in Mexico. If our customers have the appropriate documentation and the coverage of the banking institution that issues their credit card, the customer will have to sign a ¿statement of personal responsibility for the total value of the car¿ for has rejected the contracting with America Car Rental (CorporativoEmpresarial Solar SA de CV) In case of not having the amount available for the total value of the vehicle, it will be necessary to acquire CDW/TP¿s coverage and will have to buy it directly in counter. C.D.W. charges are: $15.00 to $25.00 per day plus taxes depending on the car group.

  •   Debit Cards

    Debit cards are accepted as payment for the rental of the vehicle, debit cards are not accepted as deposit in guarantee. No cash deposits are allowed. The card holder must be present at the time of rental.

  •   Deposit Rules

    For security reasons we do not take cash to warranty a rent, in any currency, only credit cards in which a bank authorization will be requested, for the credit card provided, as a backup of the rental contract. The amount will depend on the coverage and car¿s category. A refundable deposit is held from the credit card at the time of pick-up, until the vehicle is returned. These funds will not be available for your use while the vehicle is rented. .

  •   Drivers License

    A full license held for minimum of 1 years with no major endorsements. UK license holders need to present the photo card. The license have to be in English and Latin Letters. If the driver¿s license is in a non-Latin alphabet (Chinese, Russian, etc.¿) we will accept it under customer¿s responsibility.

  •   Duplicate Reservations

    If there are multiple or duplicate reservations, we only will respect the last reservation, we will be cancelling the additional reservations, if you require 2 or more reservations for the same period, please use to different name for every reservation. If your reservation was confirmed through another provider like (online travel agency or another website) please do your cancellation or modification directly whit them.

  •   Emergency Info

    In case of an accident, the driver must immediately inform us so the insurance company can be notified. The insurance company requires that the driver, in case of an accident should be authorized on the rental contract and must present his/her current drivers license, with a photograph. Likewise, they must stay at the scene of the accident to furnish information to the insurance company.Telephone number (01 800 212 07 52 or 00 52 (998) 253 6114)

  •   Equipment

    Available equipment: Baby seat, Child seat, GPS navigation system, Wi-Fi device. Additional equipment will be subject to any applicable sales taxes and location taxes. The equipment is subject to availability.Baby seat: 8 USD per day plus taxes, Child seat: 8 USD per day plus taxes, GPS + Wi-Fi device: 12 USD per day plus taxes

  •   Gas

    You will receive a car with a certain amount of fuel and you will have to return it with same level as received where NO additional charge will apply. If returned less than received, additional charge may apply. No refunds will be given for unused fuel. If returned less than received, additional charge may apply.

  •   Geographic

    The vehicles can may be driven into Belize and Guatemala. The permits for Belize will be ready at the moment the car is rented. For the rest of the countries permits need 48 hours to process from the day you sign your contract once it is certain which vehicle we have received, the nomenclature, registry and license plates numbers are procured to initiate the process. Notaries or government offices do not work on weekends and holidays. The cost of the permits are as follows: Belize: FREE, Guatemala: $180 USD. It is not allowed to travel to Belize and Guatemala from Merida airport location.

  •   Honor Reservations

    We will honor all the reservations received for our partners, this reservations needs to cover all the requirements of rent. We reserved the right to decline a reservation in case of thinking that the information proportionate is erroneous or has been altered (e.g. altered name, altered price, etc.). We operate on the basis of category of vehicles and we will respect the code that our partner sends, it is important to clarify that the images of vehicles are only illustrative for what we will honour the category requested not the vehicles of the illustrative image. Vehicles are held for two hours after reserved arrival time. When flight details are provided, we will hold vehicle for up to two hours after flight arrival. In the event of delays, you may call or e-mail us to advice of any changes in your pick up time. After the two hour window, you will be considered a no-show and we may or may not be able to honour your reservation, depending upon availability.

  •   Insurance

    PLI (Third Party Liability) - this coverage is for public liability to the persons or their properties caused by the rented vehicle. This coverage is for $750, 000 pesos. It is mandatory. Renter may purchase the Supplemental Liability Insurance at the time of rental. *** SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) - this coverage is an extension of the public liability coverage which will cover up to $3,000,000.00 Mexican pesos to third persons or their properties. It also will include legal assistance if required. We recommend to purchase these coverages. Don¿t take risk and travel safe.***LDW (Total coverage without a deductible) - this coverage eliminates all responsibility of payment in case of damages, partial or total theft of the rented vehicle. This coverage is invalidated if there any noncompliance of the terms and conditions of the rental contract. This coverage does not include loss or damage to the car keys, license plates of the rented vehicle, fines or towing services when required.

  •   Local Renters

    Local renters of Mexico City will have to comply with these requirements of rent: -Credit card of minimum 1 year of issued date; -Proof of address

  •   One-Way

    One-way rental is allowed in specific locations in the country of Mexico with an additional charge. The drop off charge varies depending at which office you are renting from and which office you are returning the vehicle into.

  •   Optional Protection Products

    PAI (Personal coverage of medical expenses) - this coverage is for medical expenses to the title holder of the rental contract and the authorized occupants of the rented vehicle; in case of an accident. *** TGI (Insurance for wheels and glass) - this coverage eliminates all liability for damage to the tires, rims and glass of the rented vehicle. Terms and conditions apply. (Does not apply if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs). *** SRA (Road assistance) - this coverage offers road assistance required for the rented vehicle (jump, starts, changing of tires, locksmith in case car keys are locked in the rented vehicle, gasoline). (Does not include the cost of the gasoline). Some restrictions may apply.

  •   Payment

    For the deposit only accept credit cards and for the payments (debit cards and credit cards). As payment for the rental of the vehicle, Credit or Debit Cards are accepted, (Amex, Visa, Discovery, Or MasterCard) traveler¿s checks. Personal checks or travel vouchers are not accepted. We reserve the right to accept, or not, if the Credit or Debit Card is from a special promotion, in bad shape or is illegible. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS FROM DEPARTMENT STORES. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH FOR DEPOSIT IN GUARANTEE.

  •   Prepaid Debit Cards

    Prepaid debit cards are accepted only for the payment for the rental of the vehicle, prepaid debit cards are not accepted as deposit in guarantee. Customers who make a prepaid reservation using a debit card need to be aware that the renting locationrequire a credit card in the renters name be used for leaving a deposit for the rental in order to rent the car. Customers who do not have a credit card may be denied rental.

  •   Prepaid Reservations

    If you have made a reservation you may pay on arrival however to make a reservation we will need a credit card to guarantee your vehicle. There may be an authorization on your Credit Card statement of USD$1.00 please be advised that a no show fee equivalent to a one day rental plus taxes with a minimum of USD$35.00 will be charged to the Credit Card. If vehicle is not pick up you can avoid this fee by cancelling your reservation through the same website you made it, you cannot call or write to cancel you can cancel only through the website where the reservation was made at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled rental time. Prepaid reservations-if you have a prepaid reservation your Credit Card will be charged in full at the time you made your reservation. The Credit Card that you paid your reservation must be present at the time of pick up. Refund and cancellation policy-a prepaid reservation is a nonrefundable booking. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will not be modified. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund or credit. For customer satisfaction Economy will apply a refund for any of the reasons below-after verification- -flight cancelled and customer could not get to the rental location-natural disaster prevented travel- Illness prevented travel-death in family prevented travel-jury duty prevented travel-Economy was unable to fulfill the customer reservation (example no vehicle available) - Any action due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be advised that there may be a charge of up to USD$150.00 handling fee for canceling. If customer chooses to change the date of their reservation the handling fee will be waived but may be subject to a rate adjustment. For date change please contact 1 877 326 7368. To process a refund or if you have any problems with your reservation please email customercare@economyrentacar.com.

  •   Reservation hold time

    Vehicles are held for two hours after reserved arrival time. When flight details are provided, we will hold vehicle for up to two hours after flight arrival. In the event of delays, you may call or e-mail us to advice of any changes in your pick up time. After the two hour window, you will be considered a no-show and we may or may not be able to honor your reservation, depending upon availability.

  •   Rules

    RULES - America car rental the only representative for economy rent a car. Vehicle return: you will be able to return the car at any of our locations, we will close your rental agreement out and our representative will drive you to the airport or to the destination of your choice. By renting a vehicle from Economy Rent A Car and Economy Rent A Car affiliates, you hereby agree that any and all disputes and controversies arising out of your reservations and your rental of the vehicle shall be resolved solely and exclusively by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association.

  •   Smoking

    The vehicles are free of smoke. Therefore, it is strictly prohibit smoking in the units. Any cleanliness, deodorizing etc. will be subject to an extra charge