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Poland Warsaw, Poland

WAWT01 - Warsaw Str. Zwirki i Wigury 1.

  Additional Drivers

Additional driver charge is $5.00 per day with a maximum of 3 additional drivers .


(Minimum - 19 and Maximum Age - 75). All car groups can be driven by the customers aged 18 years and above. A young driver fee in the amount of 5 USD including VAT will apply for drivers aged between 18-24 and on the condition they possess a driving license minimum 1 year.


Customers who fail to cancel their reservation from the source it was booked, at least 48 hours prior of the pick up time, or do not show up for their reservation are subject to a $ 25 USD charge or one day rental charge, whichever is higher.

  Debit Cards

ACCEPTED METHODS OF PAYMENT: Diners Club International, Discover, UPI - UnionPay International, JCB - JCB International, AMEX, Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, VPay, MasterdCard Credit, Debit MasterCard, Card Blanche, MasterCard Electronic, Eurocard ,Maestro, BLIK, Google Pay (G Pay), Samsung Pay. Debit cards and cash are accepted. Pay in your currency services. SECURITY DEPOSITS (SD): For each rental deposit a credit or debit card is required. Cash is also accepted. Only exeption are prepaid cards! Deposit amount will cover CDWTP excess and a tank of fuel. For rentals without any insurance deposit amount will be 2000 USD excess plus a tank of fuel.

  Drivers License

All citizens from EU, EEA member states and countries with international bilateral agreements - Republic of Korea and Japan are allowed to use their driving licence issued by their country of origin within Polish territory at all times. Customers from USA, Canada and Australia, China should have a valid International Driving Permit - IDP issued by their country of origin. All drivers - primary renter and additional driver's must produce a valid driving licence with a minimum validity of 1 year. In addition to valid driving licence, the primary renter must present a valid credit card in their own name.


The Customer can buy a FTE (Full to Empty) service and return the tank with any amount of fuel without any costs. 100-200 USD depending on car group per service including VAT. Return the car with the same amount of fuel as granted. The customer must pay for the missing fuel at the end of the rental. It is the customer's responsibility to refuel with the correct fuel type. If the vehicle is returned with less than a full tank, a refueling charge in the amount of 4 USD per liter Including VAT Tax will occur. Fuel prices are subject to change at any time."


Information regarding cross border has to be sent to the rental location together with the reservation or the renter must advise that the vehicle will be taken across an international border at the time of rental. The cost of cross border is 10 USD per day including VAT up to maximum charge of 50 USD. Cars are permitted to travel into all European countries with the exception of: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. There is a possibility of buying an extra insurance for those countries at the time of pick up. If needed, please call: (+48) 533 006 666 for assistance. Penalty up to 10 000 USD applies for violations of this restriction.

  Local Renters

This service provides possibility of collecting /returning the car within the city limits. Our worker will rent/collect the vehicle and drive with the car to an indicated address with the customer. On returns Economy representative will transport customers in the same vehicle directly to the airport terminal. The passenger will register their arrival/return to the company/driver through a call, text message, email, WhassApp, and the driver will inform the passenger of a pickup/return location, e.g. in front of the building or parking area. Service within city limits is 30$ Including VAT tax, Service outside the city limits 30$+3$/per km incl VAT.


One way rentals will be available. A drop-off charge may apply. Please specify on Page "Locations"- in future.

  Optional Protection Products

CDWTP (Collision Damage Waiver/Theft Protection) cost is 5$/day with amount of the excess/deductible with range 650-2500$ depending on car group. ///SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) cost is 10$/day reduces by half the amount of the excess/deductible to range 325 USD - 1250 USD. ///LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) 20$/day is a package that exempts the customer from financial liability in cases of theft and/or damage to the rental vehicle excluding cover for damages to windshields, tires and/or rims. ///EPP (Economy Protection Package) is 25$/day a package that exempts the customer from financial liability in cases of theft and/or damage to the rental vehicle, includes cover for damages to windshields, tires and/or rims, this is a Full Coverage product. /// T&W (Tires & Windshields Coverage) - Wheels, Tires and Glass Coverage - reduces financial liability for the customer to a deductible amount in cases of damage to the rental vehicle windshields, tires and/or rims. Customer's responsibility is limited to the amount of the excess/deductible. This amount depends on car groups and ranges between 650 USD and 2500 USD . /// DL (Driving Insurance) 5$/day - For customers without valid Driving Permit we do rent a vehicle only when they buy extra DL Insurance and at least one of the Damage Waiver Products.


Every type of additional insurance do not cover: wrong fuel or damage from dangerous substances. Insurances will be voided if damage is caused by: driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, unauthorized drivers, racing or speed contest or competition, unlicensed driver or driver training, driving over state or international borders in violation of the Rental Agreement, towing or pushing, intentional damage, simple negligence, gross negligence or recklessness, driving off of a regularly maintained roadway, using the vehicle for hire, driving in violation of local traffic laws, failure to secure the car keys, or failure to lock or secure the vehicle.


"We accept all major credit and debit cards, Deposit: The amount of the rent plus a minimum of $ 800, will be held in your card at the time of the rental, once the vehicle is returned this deposit will be released this process can take 7 to 14 business days. We also accept vouchers from travel agencies, all charges will be processed in PLN (Polish official currency) prices are provided in U.S. dollars as a courtesy to our customers, we are not responsible for banking charges that may incur when using your card. Cash deposits, Travelers Checks, Unembossed Credit or Debit cards will be subject to verification at the moment of the rental. For those reservations that require a credit card guarantee, customers will be subject to a one day rental fee if they fail to show up to rent their reserved car, or if reservations are not canceled at least 48 hours prior to the reserved date through the source the reservation was made through.

  Prepaid Reservations

If you have made a reservation you may pay on arrival however to make a reservation we will need a credit card to guarantee your vehicle. There may be an authorization on your Credit Card statement of USD$1.00 please be advised that a no show fee equivalent to a one day rental plus taxes with a minimum of USD$35.00 will be charged to the Credit Card. If vehicle is not pick up you can avoid this fee by cancelling your reservation through the same website you made it, you cannot call or write to cancel you can cancel only through the website where the reservation was made at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled rental time. Prepaid reservations-if you have a prepaid reservation your Credit Card will be charged in full at the time you made your reservation. The Credit Card that you paid your reservation must be present at the time of pick up. Refund and cancellation policy-a prepaid reservation is a nonrefundable booking. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will not be modified. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund or credit. For customer satisfaction Economy will apply a refund for any of the reasons below-after verification- -flight cancelled and customer could not get to the rental location-natural disaster prevented travel- Illness prevented travel-death in family prevented travel-jury duty prevented travel-Economy was unable to fulfill the customer reservation (example no vehicle available) - Any action due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be advised that there will be a charge of a handling fee for cancelling. If a customer chooses to change the date of their reservation the handling fee will be waived but may be subject to a rate adjustment. For date change please contact 1 877 326 7368. To process a refund or if you have any problems with your reservation please email Must be prior to your pick up.

  Reservation hold time

Vehicles are held for two hours after reserved arrival time. When flight details are provided, we will hold vehicle for up to two hours after flight arrival. In the event of delays, you may call or e-mail us to advise of any changes in your pick up time. After the two hour window, you will be considered a no-show and we may or may not be able to honor your reservation, depending upon availability. LOCAL TELEPHONE 0048 533 006 666


Thank you for Choosing Economy Rent a Car represented in Poland by Pakorent, For Airports: In the arrival hall of Warsaw Chopin Airport please look for our representative who will be waiting for You, holding a Economy board with Your name written. If needed, please call: (+48) 533006666 for assistance, WhatsApp also avialable. For Railway stations: Our representative will be waiting for You at a parking next to the Railway Station. If needed, please call: (+48) 533006666 for assistance. If there will be a meeting point such information will be added, ex. for Cracow Main Railway Station - Our representative will be waiting for you at a Railway Station parking on Level +1 at The meeting point ( PG6 ). If needed, please call: (+48) 533006666 for assistance. Also in addition to avoid no shows we will send confirmations to customers 1-2 weeks before arrival and the text message 1 day before pick up with our contact info.


Collision Damage Waiver /Theft Protection (CDWTP) covers the renter in cases of damage and/or theft/attempted theft to the rental vehicle with the customer's responsibility limited to the amount of the excess/deductible. This amount depends on car groups and ranges between 650 USD and 2500 USD.CDW&TP cost is 10 USD per day including VAT. CDW&TP may be mandatory and/or included in rates. If CDW&TP is declined; in cases of damage/theft of the rented vehicle, the customer will be liable up to the full value of the vehicle.

  Loss Damage Waiver

Loss Damage Waiver/Theft Protection Plus (LDW&TP) - exempts the customer from financial liability in cases of theft and/or damage to the rental vehicle. LDW cost is 25 USD per day including VAT. This coverage excludes fire damage cover nad do not cover for damages to windshields, tires and/or rims.

  Roadside Assistance

2$ per day. All information for the roadside provider is listed on the rental contract. Roadside assistance is available 24-7. In case of damage, accident or damaged - lost keys a tow truck from the insurance company is called. If the customer cannot continue his trip with the rented car a replacement will be provided. A phone number of the insurance company 24-7 is given to the customer with the car documents. No fees are charged for roadside assistance in the case of damage or accident. If the customer damages-loses the car keys and in cases of driver negligence or violation of the rental agreement the rental car company will charge the customer for all costs. In the case of the loss of car documentation, renters will be charged with the contractual penalty to the amount of 100 USD -excl VAT and for the loss of the vehicle keys the penalty will range between 500-1000USD - excl VAT.