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Economy Rent a Car Terceira
Lajes International Airport
Terceira, Portugal (TER)
Phone Number
(786) 975-2222

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Important Information when Visiting Portugal

  • In Portugal, one drives on the right side of the road.
  • Consider that in urban areas the speed limit is usually 50 km/h, while on highways it is 120 km/h, unless otherwise specified.
  • Some roads in Portugal have electronic tolls. Make sure to know how these systems work and the different options that are available to pay for the toll. You can opt for an electronic toll tag or pay online after using the toll roads
  • In some rural areas in Portugal, especially in the mountainous region, it is common to find animal crossing signs. You can see signs that indicate the presence of goats, sheep or other animals on the road. Be careful and reduce the speed when nearing these areas to avoid accidents.
  • In the old towns of Portugal it is possible to find cobblestone roads. These streets can be beautiful and charming, but also slippery when wet. Drive with precaution in these areas and keep in mind that the grip of the tires may be affected.
  • Portugal is a country where walking and riding bikes are common, especially in urban areas. In the cities it is possible to find pedestrians and cyclists sharing the road with you. Respect them, maintain a safe distance, and remember to always yield when necessary.
  • The minimum age to rent a car in the offices of Porto and Lisbon is 25. There is a possibility, depending on the car type that the age might be reduced to 20 (mini/economy) or 23 (midsize/full size) for a price of 25,00 EUR.
  • In Terceira and Ponta Delgada there is a daily charge of 20,00 EUR if the age is between 21-23.
  • Consider the additional equipment that you may need during your adventure, such as a car seat, Wi-Fi, GPS, EToll, among others. At Economy you can obtain all of them according to availability.
  • For an additional cost you can use the rental car for cross-border travel into Spain, if you rent from the offices in Lisbon and Porto. For this, you’ll need to request pre-authorization when reserving the car (must be mentioned in the rental agreement).
  • You can always ask for an additional driver with whom to share the driving (one or more people).
  • Portugal has a well-developed network of highways that connect the main cities and regions in the country. The highways are well-maintained and offer a quick and convenient way to travel.